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Halcyon is a small therapy space offering clients a unique therapeutic experience without the need to visit the big cities. Utilising the most modern and effective forms of Strategic Psychotherapy, Gordian Therapy and Hypnosis. We  can utilise your own power of mind to create new ways to strengthen and improve your life through the power of subconscious suggestion, relaxation and knowledge.

Our therapy can help and support you through:

Sessions at Halcyon are 100% tailored to the client and their needs, goals or problems.  Online sessions are also available for those outside our area or for those wishing to be in the comfort of their own home.

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How can we help?

Free Introductory Call

Starting therapy can be difficult.  With a free introductory call you can talk to your therapist prior to booking a session. The benefits of this call are:

  • You can 'meet' your therapist before making a commitment

  • You can build rapport with your therapist

  • You can give your therapist an outline of your goals

Strategic Psychotherapy Session

Your session can be up to 1 hour, during which we will ascertain what you'd like to work on and the best way to solve or support you to create positive changes.  We will talk openly about goals and during this time we will be obtaining the pieces needed to tailor your session and aim for the best results possible.


In some cases we might provide a Clinical Hypnotherapy Recording which may be between 15-30 mins and is focused on your individual needs.  This CHR is created post-session and sent to you digitally to utilise in the comfort of your own home. At your next session we discuss your experience and take on feedback from the session to be used in your follow up sessions.

6 Week QUIT Program

Our 6 Week QUIT Program for Smokers is tailored to the client.  We support you to gradually reduce your cigarette consumption while providing help and support to change your habits through Strategic Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Tasking.

No drugs, no patches.

Accountability Packages

Accountability Plans are for those who may struggle with motivation or self prompting.  Some of us find it near impossible to act on the impulse asking us to exercise, to eat healthy, to stop at 2 drinks instead of 5.  


With our Accountability Plans you not only receive a treatment session each week, but you are given daily check-ins either by phone, email or text to keep you on track, to prompt you to continue making the positive changes that we are working on in session.

Post Sessions Maintenance

Like any kind of therapy, we can sometimes begin to slip back into old habits or processes.  Maintenance sessions are a way for us to re-establish the new habits and processes with maintenance rather than starting from the beginning of any therapies undertaken.


What can we help with?

Our therapy can be utilised to support any goal you may have, or help to solve many issues  that arise in day to day life.

Our therapy can help and support you through:

  • Addictions - sessions can be tailored to the individual who wishes to control their addiction.  Either by providing more motivation to change your behaviour, or creating a plan which gradually lowers your intake and provides you with psychological knowledge and tools to help beat the cravings/withdrawals day to day. Try our 6 Week QUIT Program.

  • Confidence Issues - Every human is born with self confidence, life can sometimes take little pieces of your confidence. Hypnotherapy can help you take those pieces back and rebuild by looking back to the times when life was taking these pieces and finding new ways to overcome and safeguard those pieces in the future.

  • Stress Management - Possibly the most common human condition of our time.  We all live busy lives that most commonly involve having too much to do in a short time, whether it be work, family or financial commitments these can compound upon you until you feel stuck and immobile.  Hypnotherapy can not only alleviate the stress from your mind, but give you the ways and means to reduce stress at peak times by post-hypnotic suggestions.

  • Personal Issues - Supporting you through most of what life can bring upon you mentally. Whether it be a relationship breakdown, repairing old habits that have made relationships difficult.  It can also be situations long past that are still making life difficult for you in the present.  Our therapy can help you find these instances and repair them within your mind to help you live a fuller more confident life.

  • Men's Health - We have experience helping Men through a myriad of issues that are particular to Men.  From Confidence and Self Esteem, through to Sexual Performance and Emotional Support.  Men generally have a very particular way of dealing with issues that sometimes only another man can understand and help support them through.


Who will help me?

Justin studied Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy under Gordon Young at The Institute of Applied Psychology. Combining his creativity from his career in the arts with these clinical applications, Justin has been able to tailor and create therapy sessions which are original and client orientated. Justin is also a Founding Member of the International Strategic Psychotherapists Association.

Having a creative mindset with vast experience in visual problem solving, Justin has the ability to see issues and problems with an analytical mind and create pathways through suggestion to solve problems and support your goals.

Justin is easy to talk to and provides clients with a safe space to converse in a relaxed professional setting which will have you at ease at all times during your therapy.

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Justin James | Therapist

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How can it help me?

Depending on the goals you are trying to achieve, we use a combination of counselling, strategic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to work through your issue. These 3 key techniques can help you on a subconscious level to rethink current behaviours, adapt triggers to certain behaviours that cause you problems, and provide tools to obtain your goals.

Will I lose control of my mind?

The client is in control at all times during a hypnotherapy session.  A hypnotherapist can never control someones mind, this isn't magic, this is therapy. During a session while in deep relaxation your mind is simply more receptive to suggestion and those suggestions are kept in the long term memory of your subconscious rather than the short term memory of the conscious mind.

Will I go to sleep during the hypnotherapy?

During a hypnotherapy session you will reach a deep relaxation akin to the moments before sleep.  At this moment your subconscious is essentially in the drivers seat of your mind while your conscious mind is sitting quietly relaxed in the background.  

Does it really work?

As with any kind of therapy, it is a 50/50 collaboration between the therapist and the client. We must both work equally as hard to reach the goals you are striving for.  A client must want to change or improve for the therapy to be 100% effective.  Currently we have a 100% success rate with our clients.

Are you qualified to do this?

Justin James studied at The KEW Training Academy under Dr Karen Wells of the UK to obtain a diploma certification in Traditional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis.  Justin then furthered his qualifications with another diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy.  Justin's current qualifications reflect the type of client and the subject matter for which we currently provide therapy.  As such we retain the right to refer clients who fall outside our scope.

Can I use my health fund?

Currently we are not registered for use with a health fund.

However, please check back as we are undergoing accreditation currently.

Do I have to have hypnotherapy?

Absolutely not. We do not always use Hypnotherapy as a toll, we tailor your therapy around strategic psychotherapy where we discuss your goals and create solid plans and processes for you to overcome these old habits or processes using your own resources.

I have another question...

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hypnotherapy myths

Hypnotherapy makes me do things I don't want to do!

The client is awake at all times and is always in control.  A hypnotherapist can not make you do anything you don't want to do.

This extends to weightloss and smoking, if you truly don't want to change your habits, they won't change.

Hypnotherapy is magic!

No, Hypnotherapy is simply putting someone into a relaxed trance and inputting positive changes to their subconscious to enact positive changes in the clients behaviours.

Where is the fob watch or the moving spirals?

Apart from fiction movies, we do not utilise either of these.  We simply walk you through a guided relaxation to a place where your mind becomes quiet and can listen to our positive reinforcements to overcome your problem or issue.

Hypnotherapy can just zap my bad habit!

Hypnotherapy is a 50/50 collaboration between the therapist and the client.  We both must work equally as hard to reach the goals you are trying to achieve.  A client must want to change or improve for the therapy to be 100% effective.

I can get stuck in trance!

Much like falling asleep, you will come out of a trance on your own without the hypnotherapists help if you choose to. The Hypnotherapist will only maintain your trance to input the therapeutic positive messages to help change negative processes or habits.

I have another question...

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Session Bookings

  • Getting to know you.

    10 min

  • Strategic Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy

    1 hr

    150 Australian dollars
  • Save $150

    1 hr

    400 Australian dollars
  • Quit cigarettes, no patches, no drugs

    6 hr

    600 Australian dollars
  • 3, 6 & 12 Week Plans From $150 per week Includes Daily Check-ins

    1 hr 30 min

  • A short debrief and booster session on success for ongoing issues

    45 min

    90 Australian dollars


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