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ANTIDOTE Beard Oil 30ml (Dripulator) 

Antidote is not just any beard oil. It has been specifically designed and blended not just to make your beard smell and feel amazing, it also helps your skin underneath, because remember you still need to look after the skin currently hidden by your killer beard!


Antidote contains:

Camellia Oil - provides your beard with a moisturised and nourished appearance, whilst is very quick to absorb into your skin, leaving the skin underneath and around your beard looking soft, smooth and supple. Giving dry skin an extremely hydrated look, this natural oil helps to provide the appearance of a healthy summer glow all year round.

Coconut Oil - allows better skin absorption that makes the skin appear healthy and hydrated. It also counters a dry, frizzy beard whilst restoring its thickness and natural shine.

Jojoba Oil - is packed with fatty acids and vitamins which are both essential in maintaining youthful, spotless-looking skin. It helps reduce impurities that are visible on the skin. Jojoba is often used in age-defying serums and is used to restore hairs natural colour and to promote shinier and thicker hair. Moroccan Argan Oil - works to lessen the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines that are caused by environmental factors like long sun exposure and pollution, and deeply nourishes the skin. The concentration of omega 3, omega 9, and vitamin E adds more weight to your beard and makes it appear fuller and rich. As such, reducing tangling and curliness of messy beards. 



ANTIDOTE X Beard Starter Oil 10ml (Rollerball)

Antidote X aims to keep irritation to a minimum with the addition of Avocado Oil. The special blend of oils will not only nourish the beard as it grows, but will begin to nourish and moisturise any skin irritation or acne scars as you grow your beard out.


Antidote X has a blend which is curated for skin with the addition of:  

Avocado Oil - proven to minimise inflammation and can calm dry, itchy skin, making it a great ingredient for dry, sensitive or problematic skin, which is generally the main cause for ingrown hairs and excessive itching. 

Antidote Beard Oils

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