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Stressed Man

stress test

For this simple stress test indicator, count the number of times you answer Yes to the questions.  For each yes, count one and total your yes score at the end, then click on the button which has your score range within.  


Remember, be truthful, you are allowed to feel however you feel.

  • Question 1 - I find I have very little time for interests/hobbies outside of work.

  • Question 2 - I find there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. 


  • Question 3 - I find that I have a greater dependency on alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or drugs (prescription or otherwise).


  • Question 4 - At times I can have an extreme reluctance to go to work.


  • Question 5 - I try to fit more and more into less and less time, which results in not allowing any time for unforeseen problems as they arise.


  • Question 6 - I feel that there are too many deadlines in my work or life that I find I am unable to meet.


  • Question 7 - Lately my Confidence/Self Esteem is quite low.


  • Question 8 - I find myself feeling vaguely guilty if I relax and do nothing for even short periods of time.


  • Question 9 - I often find myself thinking about work/life problems even when I am meant to engaged in recreational events.


  • Question 10 - I can often find myself feeling completely fatigued even upon waking from a good nights sleep.


  • Question 11 - At times I am unable to perform life/work tasks as well as usual, or I feel my judgment is clouded/not as good as it should be.


  • Question 12 - I have a tendency to eat, talk, move or walk quickly.


  • Question 13 - My appetite has altered. Either I find myself binging on unhealthy/salty/sugary foods, or my appetite is lost.


  • Question 14 - I find myself becoming irritated/angry at slow moving traffic, queuing makes me angry. What is patience?


  • Question 15 - I can feel anger and resentment at nothing in particular, a feeling that something is missing but I don’t know what.


  • Question 16 - I find myself hurrying others to move/perform faster.


  • Question 17 - At times I feel depressed, tearful, irritable, all-over tension, short tempered, unusually clumsy, concentration/short term memory impairment, excessive perspiration.


  • Question 18 - I find if I have to do receptive tasks I become impatient.


  • Question 19 - I can seem to be listening to others conversations, even though I am fully preoccupied with my own thoughts.


  • Question 20 - My health is deteriorating, I am finding myself unwell more than usual.



Score 1 for yes | Score 0 for no


Concrete Wall

You're doing great!

It seems you have the tools to combat stress in your life.  Be mindful of the questions in which you said 'yes' to, these are areas you could work on...

4 Points or Less

You're prone to running stress!

Let's develop some tools for you to combat stress on the day to day and reduce your stress levels...

5 - 13 Points
Abstract Surface


You are running stress at very high levels and could be heading toward burn out.


Let's develop some tools for you to combat stress on the day to day and reduce your stress levels...

14 + Points
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